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Manifold: poetry of Mathematics

Book now available:

Some poems appearing in online journals:


Prime Number Magazine issue 199, October 2021 

one of the  guest editor’s selections, the poem "Viola tricolor hybrids"



Mezzo Cammin Volume 15 Issue 2, Winter 2021

the poems "Augury in Sand" and  "Infinite Wings"

Cagibi Issue 14, August 2021 

the poem "Complex System"



W B Yeats Society of NY  Poetry Prizes 2021: 

Honorable Mention for the poem "Shiloh Redux"


Open: Journal of Arts and Letters Theme: “Lost Cause”


Intersections –– Poetry with Mathematics  blog by JoAnne Growney


Some poems in publications available for purchase:


The Texas Poetry Calendar 2022

the poem  "Texas Thistle"

The Poeming Pigeon, No. 9 The Cosmos Issue

the poem "White Rabbit"

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